In the exhibition space at the Boerenpraat table, they focus on the questions that have arisen around the research of RURAL IMAGINATIONS and Boerenzij. Professor Esther Peeren and researchers Anke Bosma and Tjalling Valdés Olmos are present on behalf of the University of Amsterdam and the RURAL IMAGINATIONS organization. The organization focuses on the crucial role of cultural imagination in determining which aspects of contemporary rural life do and do not become visible at national and global level, which in turn influences how the countryside can be politically mobilized.

Speakers: Wapke Feenstra (Boerenzij), Anke Bangma (artistic director TENT), Professor Esther Peeren (UVA), Anke Bosma and Tjalling Valdés Olmos (UVA).

Language: English
Location: TENT
Free entry