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Book presentation about the public art work De Schouwplaats

This special publication tells two parallel stories that come together in the recently completed spatial sculpture garden in the Zuiderpark, De Schouwplaats by Kamiel Verschuren. One story is about the 'demolition' of the Groote Schouwburg (now: Theater Zuidplein), the lost sculptures and about the architect Van Ravesteyn; the other story is about the 'construction' of the Zuiderpark into Wereldpark Op Zuid.

The publication was made possible with the support of: Stoer Foundation, MG van Ravesteyn, Charlois District, Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam and Zuidzijde Foundation.

The Schouwplaats was made possible with the support of: Stichting Stokroos, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Charlois district, Rotterdam Center for Visual Arts and Stichting Zuidzijde.

The book presentation coincides with it artificial weekend Charlois 2014 on 30 / 31 May and 1 June with an extensive program of activities at various locations in Charlois

Walgenbach: Art & Books
Gouwstraat 15
3082 BA Rotterdam 

Edition: ICU art projects / publications
Design: Bart Oppenheimer / Kamiel Verschuren
Edition: 500 (full color 40 pages)
Printing: Tripiti VOF Rotterdam
Price: 15, - euro / 25, - euro, incl. Poster
ISBN 978 90819 83501
© 2014 Bart Oppenheimer / Kamiel Verschuren