01/06/2017 — 27/08/2017


The Metro54 collective presents BLUEPRINT: Whose urban appropriation is this?, a multidisciplinary group exhibition and public programming about the relationship between street culture and architecture in TENT Rotterdam. Metro54 invited architects, designers, rappers, producers and artists. They show new and existing work that shapes, investigates and imagines the sometimes stormy relationship between architecture and street culture.

Rotterdam is the hip-hop city of the Netherlands and architecture and urban arts & culture are deeply rooted in the city's DNA. Old city quarters and new bombastic architecture alternate. They function as a breeding ground for a contemporary art, performance and music culture. The group exhibition and the lively public program respond to this and focus on the way in which street culture, the city and its architecture are appropriated. Special attention is paid to the themes 'architecture and identity formation' and 'urban appropriation of street culture' in cities such as London, Lisbon, Paris and Rotterdam.
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