Reading / debate

04/10/2015 — 04/10/2015
The Wild Know

Browsing sessions, The Wild Know

The art book is central to this evening. Ten artists guide the audience through their publication and talk about the choices that have made their book into what it is. Browsing is projected on a large screen, so that every detail can be followed. Each browsing session lasts a maximum of 5 minutes and is recorded and projected during the presentation. Afterwards there may beopportunity to purchase the publications and of course there are also drinks. Be welcome! Language: Dutch and English

Browsing artists: Marc Bijl: Hard Edge (2012), Annette Behrens: (in matters of) Karl (2015), Melle Smets: Highway Stories (2011), Hans Wilschut: Central (2014), Anastasia Mina and Maria Ikonomopoulou: syn [chrono] sides (2014) , Wim Konings: It's Never Too Late to Say Sorry (2015), Paul Bogaers: Upset Down (2010), Philippe Van Wolputte: Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces: Behind The Lines (2015), Marijke Appelman / Koen Taselaar: QUARTET (2010) , QUARTET II (2013), Stijn Peeters: Donkey 1 and 2, autobiographical studies of an artist's life

Sunday October 4, 19.30 to 22 hours (room open 19 hours), The Wild Know