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BKOR BIKE TOUR: Art from Blijdorp Zoo to Overschie

In May, BKOR presented with Rotterdam Art Route, from Central Station to Overschie already the seventh edition in our series of art routes. To celebrate this, we are organizing a special bicycle tour on Sunday, July 7, where art guide Anne-Marie Ros will take you past a varied selection of works of art and reconstruction architecture in Rotterdam North and Overschie. The route departs from Diergaarde Blijdorp and goes past the Museum for Orphaned Images on Kleinpolderplein to Overschie to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Along the way we stop at surprising places and you will discover art from the period 1940-2010 by artists including Leendert Bolle, Observatorium, André Volten, Anne Mieke Backer and Helena van der Kraan. In two hours, while cycling, we get to know the history of Rotterdam better and we view art and architecture in the context of the changing city, in residential areas, along roads, water and in nature.

All participants will receive a copy of Rotterdam Art Route, from Central Station to Overschie.

Date sunday July 7
Time 11.00 - 13.00 hours
Participation free
Departure point in front of the main entrance of Diergaarde Blijdorp, Blijdorplaan 8
Bring Bring your own bicycle, or rent an OV bicycle at Rotterdam Central Station
Main language Dutch
Sign up via stating BKOR Bike Tour 7-7. Please note: the number of participants is limited!

About the art routes
In recent years, BKOR has created various art routes, which lead past many works of art throughout the city. All routes are offered as PDFs in Dutch and English via the BKOR website, but a folding map is also still available free of charge at Rotterdam Tourist Information on Stationsplein. The routes have also been made accessible to your mobile phone without having to download an app. Go to, select the route you want to walk or cycle, and see where you are on the map. Curious about the other six editions of Art route Rotterdam? Look here for an overview. Have fun walking or cycling!