BirdBecomeBird & Solo Acoustic Performance

Friday evening during Kunstblock you can watch two special vocal performances with TENT, Suzanne Walsh and Janneke van der Putten, each of whom pushes the boundaries of the human voice.

In her artistic practice, which includes both writing, visual arts and music, Walsh regularly questions the distinction we make between humans and animals. With her performance BirdBecomeBird she commits herself to the idea that music transcends the types of boundaries and she tells that birds also have a voice and make a form of music. Her performance starts with the singing of improvised music lines and gradually works towards a sound broth of non-human voices, until the space is filled with crowing and cackling.

Artist Van der Putten uses her voice as an instrument to investigate various environments physically, acoustically and intuitively. The Solo Acoustic Performance is a demanding, long-lasting performance in which she explores the boundaries of what the singing body can do.

This event is part of the exhibition Post-Opera at TENT.
Admission is free.