17/07/2021 — 29/08/2021


Everything here has been waiting for you. Artist Hilde Onis and designer Jasmijn Muskens design a world in which nothing is what it seems. Move like a chameleon through the colorful space, write messages on a tree that is missing its family and make an amulet to protect you.


This summer, the TENT gym will be transformed into a discovery studio for children aged 4 to 12 (and anyone who still feels like a kid afterwards). Sentences that stimulate the brain and make children think about questions such as: When do you actually know whether something is alive or not? Can you bring a chair or a table to life? Are there forces in the universe that we cannot perceive, but are there? And can we influence that?

Youth Holiday Passport

This Atelier is one of the activities that you can visit this summer with the Youth Holiday Passport, which all Rotterdam primary students receive. If you bring your passport, entrance to TENT for kids and supervisors is free.

Are you not from Rotterdam? And are you not in possession of a Youth Holiday Passport? Even then you are welcome; entrance is free for kids.