At Work

On Thursday evening 19 November the Spanish curator Manuel Segade will talk about the work of the curator, about the visibility and invisibility of the curator of exhibitions. Art historian Menno Vuister reflects on the position of the artist in our neoliberal economy in a spoken column, and artists Doris Denekamp and Geert van Mil introduce their reader If You Work It, You Own It! The evening takes place in the context of the group exhibition Motion / Labor / Machinery in TENT.

The evening will be introduced by the young art historian Menno Vuister. He links his theoretical research on the role and position of the artist in the neoliberal economy to his experiences in the artist city of Rotterdam. Vuister wrote a thesis on Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. Manuel Segade talks about the curator's work. Segade makes international exhibitions, most recently for Foundation Joan Miró Barcelona, ​​Pavillon Vendôme in Paris, the Young Galleries Section for ARCOmadrid and Solo Show Zurich for ArteBA 2015. Manuel Segade has lived and worked in Barcelona, ​​Santiago, Paris, and teaches curatorial training courses in Grenoble and Cape Town. He currently lives in Rotterdam and is co-curator of the group exhibition Motion / Labor / Machinery that is now on view at TENT.

Artists Doris Denekamp and Geert van Mil (Informal Strategies), introduce their reader If You Work It, You Own It !, a work that they present in the Motion / Labor / Machinery exhibition. The reader, which visitors can take with them, is composed of a collection of books that they ordered from The books were sent from the Amazon distribution center in Leipzig, which is central to their installation Your Order is Built On Sand. The warehouse workers walk an average of twenty kilometers through the gigantic storage space every day, while they prepare the delivery of books. As a contrast, Denekamp and Van Mil introduce the well-known German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg who fought for an international workers' movement. Luxembourg had a great passion for botany. While walking through the landscape that surrounds the distribution center, the artists imitate the fixed routines of warehouse workers and, like Luxembourg, collect plants for a herbarium.

Start: 20: 00 hour
Admission: 3 euro, language: English