Conversation exhibition


Artist talk Pieter Paul Pothoven and Uriel Orlow

Come to the artist talk with Pieter Paul Pothoven and Uriel Orlow on Sunday 1 September. Both artists are currently showing work in the current exhibition No You Won't Be Naming No Buildings after Me, curated by Vincent van Velsen.

In the exhibition, Pieter Paul Pothoven shows part of his long-term research into the motives behind the activism of RARA (Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action) in the '80 and' 90 years. In his sculptural installation, a historical façade is the key to an alternative perspective and he deals with the attack by RARA on the Van Heutsz monument.

With Uriel Orlow's 'What Plants Were Called Before They Were Given a Name', names play an important role. This sound installation is part of a series of works in which he reflects on the impact of European scientific and colonial expeditions, and presents plants as witnesses to history.

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Language: English