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Artist Talk at Art Rotterdam

Conversation: 07 / 02 / 2019
Location: Van Nelle factory

CBK Rotterdam organizes an artist talk on Art Rotterdam on Thursday afternoon 7 February. Later that afternoon we will take a bus to TENT where the Dolf Henkes Prize 2019 will be awarded.

With: Pendar Nabipour, Priscila Fernandes and Robert Glas. Film portraits of Mirjam Somers and Bas Czerwinski. Interview by Nicole Sciarone.

date: 7 February
start: 2 hours
Art Rotterdam, Van Nelle Factory
entrance: Art Rotterdam admission ticket (but just register via com@cbkrotterdam.nl is recommended)

If you are at Art Rotterdam that afternoon, then just walk to the Reflection Room!


15: 00 hour: Rotterdam Artist Talks in the Reflection Room, Van Nelle Fabriek
Language: English
Following film portraits by Mirjam Somers and Bas Czerwinski, Nicole Sciarone talks with visual artists Pendar Nabipour, Priscila Fernandes and Robert Glas about their work, and their relationship to themes such as society, politics and identity. In recent years, these artists have received an R&D grant. What did they bring them, and how could they use this to further develop their work? And what role does the city play in their own professional practice?

16: 15-17: 30 hours
After the lecture there will be an opportunity to visit Art Rotterdam.
For this anniversary edition, the fair has sharpened its varied model focused on young art and places cooperation at the center. In a more intimate atmosphere there is more focus on connection between national and international galleries. The presentation of is new Now / Forever, compiled by Hester Alberdingk Thijm, director of AkzoNobel Art Foundation. Also knows the New Art Section a renewed, tailor-made architecture, with a program compiled by curator Tiago de Abreu Pinto.

17: 30 hour: the Dolf Henkes Bus leaves from the Van Nelle Factory

18: 00 hour: walk-in award ceremony Dolf Henkes Price 2019 in TENT
Roxette Capriles, Priscila Fernandes, Emma van der Leest and Evelyn Taocheng Wang have been nominated for the Dolf Henkes Prize 2019. The jury, led by Fons Hof, nominated the artists who could win a sum of 12.000 euros. The exhibition with the work of the candidates takes place in TENT up to and including Sunday 17 February. On Thursday 7 February the award ceremony starts at 18.00 in TENT.

Do you want to be there and drive back to TENT with us?
The talk at Art Rotterdam is accessible to visitors of Art Rotterdam in the van Nelle Fabriek (look here for the information on the Art Rotterdam site)

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