Conversation presentation


Artist talk with Bert Scholten

Bert Scholten is a musician-poet who uses the sung word to tell stories. In his new work That is not the case here,  in the 'No You Won't Be Naming No Buildings after Me' exhibition, Scholten examines the symbolic layers and multitude of historical references that are hidden in holidays and celebrations. He reflects on traditions that change over time and take on new forms and meanings. A recurring element that he traced in the Dutch traditions are breads and cakes that are baked and eaten during holidays and other important moments in life. Some of these elements are only known in the form of expressions (such as 'taking the plunge' or 'being baked'), others we know as a subordinate part of national holidays (tough-knit dolls) or only in their form (braided bread). Scholten provides insight into forgotten customs and obscure stories that he brings together here in a music album about the transitions of traditions. Just as is often the case with the celebrations themselves, his lyrics have a tone of scorn. In relation to his contribution to the exhibition, Bert Scholten will provide a performance that adds an extra element to the presentation.

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