25/03/2021 — 31/03/2021
Hilton Art Lab

Art Lab no. 18 Refuge - Liza Wolters & Raquel Vermunt

Retreat. A site-specific work period of Liza Wolters and Raquel Vermunt.

They take the Hilton hotel as a starting point. In this they focus on cinematic experiments, sound, text and photographic prints:

On Thursday March 25, a space-filling video installation will be shown in the Hilton Artlab with reactions from the artists to the video work. SOON/WTC of Emma van der Put, between 18.00:21.00 PM and XNUMX:XNUMX PM. 

- On Sunday 28 March, the Hilton Artlab will change into a print shop, where you are welcome between 15.00 p.m. and 18.00 p.m. Lorelinde Verhees will then visit and will make collages on the spot based on existing images made by the artist duo. The prints may be taken by visitors, limited edition. 
- On Wednesday March 31, Hilton Artlab will partner with musician Wouter van Nienes. He will perform a live set in the midst of various projects by the artists. This will be early evening, keep the Hilton Artlab website keep an eye out for specific times. 
Apart from these three moments, you can also visit Hilton Artlab. The space is clearly visible from the outside and a maximum of 10 people may be inside at the same time.