Photo: Anne-Marie Ros, Art Index Rotterdam



Art Index Rotterdam: Calder in Hoogvliet art walk  

Last Sunday the exhibition CalderNow opened in the Kunsthal, where the 1963 model of Le Tamanoir can be admired. The 'real' statue by the American sculptor Alexander Calder measures approximately 6.50 x 3.20 x 2.90 meters and has been in Hoogvliet since 1965!

On the occasion of CalderNow Together with Art Index Rotterdam, we are organizing a surprising art walk in Hoogvliet on Sunday 28 November with Le Tamanoir in the lead. Walk along works of art by Calder and art colleagues such as Henk Visch, Ian Pieters, Ek van Zanten, Dick and Chris Elffers, Gust Romijn, Bob Bonies and Jan Schoonhoven. We walk through a post-war residential area, in nature, along the river and view art and architecture. In the spring of 2022, from March to May, a number of walks through Hoogvliet will be organized.

This art walk along the Rotterdam Calder starts on Sunday 28 November at 11 am near Hoogvliet metro station and stops at Zalmplaat metro station around 14 pm. The tour is organized by Art Index Rotterdam and the guidelines of the RIVM are followed during the walk. Participation is free. The official language is Dutch. Anne-Marie Ros will guide the tour. You must register in advance via (registration closing date is Friday 26 November). After registration you will receive a confirmation with more information.