The Hef

10.000 Steps Art Walk Rotterdam - South

On Sunday 28 June you can again participate in the 10.000 steps Art Walk. This time the walk starts near 'De Hef' and ends in IJsselmonde. Along the way there will be stops for public art, street art, nature and architecture.

During the Art Walk you will learn to see this part of Rotterdam South with different eyes, while walking through the old port and residential areas. There is time for coffee or lunch, taking pictures, and also reflects on the history and public art that make this part of the city so exciting.

This walk is limited to four people - dogs are welcome. Claim your spot, register in time by a send mail via this link.

What does it cost?
€ 15 pp (via Tikkie) excluding drinks or public transport

Where do you meet?
Near De Hef

What time?
At 10:50 AM (until 14.00:14.30 PM / XNUMX:XNUMX PM)

What do you bring
Nice running shoes, your public transport card and face mask (in case you continue to travel by public transport), rain gear, a snack & drink, camera and disinfecting hand gel.

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