Dora Dolz, 'Fauteuil', 1991, photo: Stichting Get Hoekt


Hoek van Holland

10.000 Steps Art Walk Hoek van Holland

Come and get some fresh air in Hoek van Holland on Sunday 15 January at 12.30 pm, together with Art Index Rotterdam. Art guide Anne-Marie Ros takes you along a special part of Rotterdam, at the mouth of the Nieuwe Waterweg, with harbor, beach, village and dunes, opposite the headland of Rozenburg, Europoort and the Maasvlakte.

In 10.000 steps we walk past works of art by Dora Dolz, Bart Eysink Smeets, Hank Hans, Frank Meisler, Jan Snoeck, Elisa de Ridder-Mastrigt, Albert Termote and Louis Wolters, among others. We also pass architecture by JJP Oud and the defenses of the Atlantic Wall. Walking along the way through the dunes and the forest, through residential areas, along the harbor and over the North Sea beach. We interrupt the walk with a visit to iCOON, a museum for minimalist art in a former ammunition bunker.

10.000 Steps Art Walk is a nice way to end the year, meet nice people and discover a part of Rotterdam 30 kilometers from the center.

Date(s) Sunday January 15 2023
Time 12:30-approx. 16.00 hours
Starting point Hoek van Holland Haven metro station
End point Center, within walking distance of Hoek van Holland metro station and P+R
Costs €10 + €5 entrance iCOON + any drinks
Language Dutch