Marconi Square 1-3

10.000 steps art walk

On Saturday July 11, you can join the 10.000 Steps Art Walk Rotterdam again. During the route you will follow the art of Florentijn Hofman in Rotterdam this time and you will celebrate his latest sculpture: the gigantic Bospoldervos (unveiling 8 July). After the walk, the second DIY Art Walk will be launched with his art in the lead.

As always, context is provided along the way and the route is supplemented with a surprising selection of public art, street art and architecture. We see Rotterdam with different eyes, stop for coffee, take photos, share stories, experience art in the city and together we share a fun time - 10.000 steps long.

Practical information:

  • The walk starts in West - close to Marconiplein, goes through the harbor, parks, to where the city originated. Meeting point is located near Marconiplein, at 10:20 AM.
  • Up to eight participants - dogs are welcome. Claim your spot, register in time via an email to Erika.
  • Costs are 15 euros per person and can be paid via Tikkie.
  • Wear nice running shoes. Bring your public transport card and face mask (in case you travel further with public transport), rain gear, a snack / drink, camera and disinfectant hand gel. We keep 1,5 meters away from each other.
  • Language: Dutch or bilingual Dutch / English.