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Monument in memory of rapper HELDERHEID

Feijenoord finally gets a monument to the Rotterdam rapper and poet Breyten Muskiet (1978 - 2004). He gained fame under the name BRIGHTNESS, an abbreviation of Hear Every Lesson That Has A Reason And Ignore Folly. BRIGHTNESS was an example for young people and a symbol of positivism. After his unexpected death at the age of 25, friends took the initiative to the Brightness Square on Spiekmanstraat. The Municipality of Rotterdam has improved the layout of the Brightness Square and made it greener. BKOR financed and supervised the realization of the monument.

The Monument for BRIGHTNESS is expected to be placed here in the fall of 2020. An annual Brightness trophy is also awarded to young talent, in which Breytens mother Joany Muskiet plays a connecting role. She connects in the spirit of BRIGHTNESS, by accommodating the new generations of young people in the neighborhood and stimulating positive thinking. Because like BRIGHTNESS rapped in Progression"There is no time to stand still, we have to row with the oars we have and keep going."

Micha Prinsen and Lloyd Muskiet designed a four meter high stainless steel column, with patterns that go back to Surinamese carvings. The patterns culminate in the BRIGHTNESS logo. A stanza Progression is incorporated in the column. DThis song can be heard in the animation film that Ralph Vroeijenstijn made.

View here the animation.

Why one Monument to BRIGHTNESS?

by Joany Muskiet

Stichting Brightness 5314 derives its vision from this positive statement: Hear Every Lesson That Has A Reason And Ignore Foolishness. The monument we want to realize conveys this message. It is a message that is intended for every generation in our multicultural society. The situation surrounding COVID-19 makes it clear on a global scale that we are held accountable not only for our individual, but also for our collective responsibility. Everyone must refocus on our society in which SAMEN has come under pressure. Knowing yourself consciously how you relate to the other person is important, especially at this time. That is why the Brightness 5314 Foundation focuses mainly on the younger generation: working on your own awareness.

BRIGHTNESS tried to combat racism in his neighborhood and city with his actions and texts. His lyrics show that he was aware of the barriers and struggles his peers faced and have to deal with themselves and their challenges. With his friends from the Harness Committee he used to quickly spread this message. The number Progression has been chosen exemplarily from many of his texts. A quote from it, written in his own handwriting, has become an important part of the monument. In the monument, the vision of BRIGHTNESS is depicted in a universal message of Love, Joy, Peace and Self-control - the keys to living together on all fronts in a neighborhood and city. It will be a monument to young people who do not realize that they are second-class citizens. For young people who can build a hopeful future thanks to talent discovery and talent development. Progression is the reality.

The Clarity monument is an assignment from BKOR, program of CBK Rotterdam. The monument is being realized with the cooperation of the Municipality of Rotterdam and Stichting Brightness 5314 and financed by CBK Rotterdam and Pact op Zuid.

Publication date: 07 / 07 / 2020

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