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photo-Denis Guzzo
photo-Denis Guzzo

Sexual and gender diversity

Seating on Willemsplein will be a marking for the monument to the sexual and gender diversity of Rotterdam.

The red-winged object is on 3 June Rewind placed on Willemsplein with a striking colorful new appearance. Graphic designer and street painter David Louf aka Mr. June, made the design in collaboration with Rotterdammers from the LGBTQI + community and with the creator of Rewind, architect Césare Peeren.

Citizen's initiative
The citizens' initiative for a monument for sexual and gender diversity received broad support in the city council through a motion by GroenLinks and PvdA. CBK Rotterdam, the program for art and public space BKOR, is working together with the municipality of Rotterdam and the initiators on the development of a monument at a location where the LGBTQI + community can meet, celebrate, commemorate or celebrate respectfully and safely, individually or in small groups. commemorate. After a series of investigations and campaigns, Willemsplein proved to be the most suitable location. At the Maas and in the vicinity of the Erasmus Bridge, a place has now been created where the initiative becomes visible.

Marking of the monument
Plans for a future redevelopment and possible greening of Willemsplein are not yet concrete. It is therefore too early at this location for a definitive object as a monument. Architect Césare Peeren was asked again about the seating object already there Rewind to highlight. The concrete anchors with the associated windmill blades were given a different appearance. The painting of Mr. June marks the presence of the LGBTQI + community, now and in the future. Rotterdam's first circular seating furniture for the public space was already built in 2012. The object, which consists of 90% recycled material, enters its third life for the LGBTQI + community.

Mr. June
David Louf has been operating under the name of Mr. June active as an artist, street artist, graphic designer. At the age of 14, he was part of the hip hop movement and acted as a breakdancer. After studying at the Utrecht School of the Arts, he quickly made a name for himself as a graphic designer. The freedom of the street turned out to be more attractive and he has been one of the most famous street artists for quite some time. Worldwide, he has provided buildings, floors and facades with optical patterns. Via Césare Peeren, architect at Superuse Studios, he was introduced to a group of Rotterdammers from the LGBTQI + community, the initiators of the monument for sexual and gender diversity.

Information Rewind
Project: Rewind 2015.
Design: Superuse Studios (www.superuse-studios.com) Césare Peeren, Jos de Krieger, Frank Feder
Client: Municipality of Rotterdam
Contractor: GKB, Barendrecht
Materials: 9 pieces 6 meter Stork Wicks, concrete with concrete granulate

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Image: Denis Guzzo, @Denis Guzzo, #denisguzzo - RE WIND by SUPERUSE | Repaint by Mr June [David Louf] - June 2020 Rotterdam Black Lives Matter | LGBTI Monument for sexual diversity

Image: @Denis Guzzo

Publication date: 09 / 06 / 2020

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