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Johan Kleinjan, Midrise, 2017, 69 x 93 cm, gouache on paper.
Johan Kleinjan, Midrise, 2017, 69 x 93 cm, gouache on paper.

CBK Fonds Kwadraat extended and expanded

In 2014, CBK Rotterdam set up a registered fund within Fonds Kwadraat: CBK Fonds Kwadraat. Artists from Rotterdam who are registered with CBK Rotterdam and artists from Rotterdam can apply to supplement the financing of a project, it is an interest-free loan. The collaboration was recently extended and the available amount increased from 50.000 to 65.000 euros, which means that more Rotterdam artists and artists' initiatives can make use of CBK Fonds Kwadraat.

Michiel Huijben, Flat i - NO. 2, Hedwig Houben - For the Hand, the Eye, It and the Foot (2017)

Michiel Huijben, Flat i - NO. 2, Hedwig Houben - For the Hand, the Eye, It and the Foot (2017)

The registered fund is intended for interest-free loans for visual artists who are registered with CBK Rotterdam and for Rotterdam artists' initiatives. With this fund, CBK Rotterdam wants to offer visual artists and artists' initiatives the opportunity to develop, implement and present new work or projects. CBK Rotterdam has contributed capital for this purpose, supplemented by an amount from Fonds Kwadraat.

In addition, CBK Fonds Kwadraat is linked to the Development and Research (R&D) scheme: artists who have received an R&D grant in the last three years can take out an interest-free loan with Fonds Kwadraat without additional testing. But also artists who did not receive R&D can apply for an interest-free loan.
An advisory committee of experts assesses the applications on the basis of artistic quality, curriculum vitae of the applicant and business accountability (feasibility, where is the work exhibited, how is an artwork or publication published and distributed). The committee meets five times a year.

Katrijn Verstegen - working period Sundaymorning @ EKWC

Katrijn Verstegen - working period Sundaymorning @ EKWC

Since 2014 a total of 41 visual artists has been granted a loan from CBK Fonds Kwadraat for a total amount of € 138.246, on average that amounts to € 3.371,85 per artist.

Loans in the context of CBK Fonds Kwadraat were awarded to, for example, Michiel Huijben for a publication, Katrijn Verstegen for a working period at Sundaymorning @ EKWC, Johan Kleinsma and Simon Schrikker for creating new work.

A loan under this registered fund can be requested throughout the year. The assessment takes place at set times; this year on 17 March, 19 May, 15 September and 17 November.

Simon Schrikker - studio 2018

Simon Schrikker - studio 2018

The following artists received a loan from the CBK Fonds Kwadraat:

Remty Elenga Growing Plants
Anuli Croon Publication overview work
Kunsteiland Foundation QI 35 Hermitage
Marcel Wesdorp Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair
Sol Archer Piet Zwart Institute final presentation
Annette Behrens Publication 'Karl'
Nicole Martens Production of new work
Bima english Residency NARS Foundation New York
Anouk Griffin Solo exhibition Stedelijk Museum Zwolle
Karin Trenkel Artist's book 'Schöne Aussichten'
Harry Schumacher Participation Contemporary Art Fair
Boris van Berkum Persian Poems Hamfekri
Caste Seskeviciute Research project
Ron Amir Exhibition in gallery Berggreen, Denmark
Dagmar Baumann Exhibition at Hans Walgenbach Books
Ronald Bal Research project Pulse
Simon Schrikker Material costs for new work
Johannes Langkamp Camera and production costs new work
Joep Overtoom Travel for research for new work
Carina Hesper Like a Pearl in my Hand
Seecum Ms. Cheung Camera plus lens
Boris van Berkum Framing work
Marit Shalem StoryK, an artist's book
Martin de Korte Equipment
Michiel Huijben Hedwig Houben - "For the Hand, the Eye, It and the Foot"
Jermick Wawoe Exhibition Shed 6
Liza Wolters Solo exhibition in SCHUNCK *, Heerlen
Johan Kleinjan Twilight Zone
Annette Behrens SOY, an investigation
Astrid de Pauw Artist's book
Daniela de Paulis COGITO
Dré Wapenaar Production costs Wallspiral no.1
Harmen Meinsma Camera
Katrijn Verstegen EKWC working period
Sander Zweerts de Jong Website
Ine Lamers Residency on Hrisey
Nicole Martens Website and online publication
Marta La Torre Rubio Presentation Dutch Design Week 2018
Boris van Berkum Mama Aisa / Neo Afro Winti 3D
Fatima Barznge Artist's book
Sandro Setola Faith (working title), an installation

For more information on fondskwadraat.nl

Publication date: 02 / 03 / 2019

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