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A radical and colorful intervention on the Prins Alexanderplein

From Monday 2 July work is underway on a metamorphosis of the Prins Alexanderplein, the center of Prince Alexander. The Heart for Prince Alexander Foundation therefore searched for a way to mark the square as the heart of this district, and together with CBK Rotterdam organized a competition for a layout plan for the square. The main question was to think about the role of the water and the polder. Design studio 75B won this assignment with a radical and colorful proposal, which visually marks this part of the city as a polder, as the lowest point of the city, and as the heart of the neighborhood.

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The design
In response to the competition, 75B developed a proposal in which the entire square is colored blue. In addition to applying the blue color to the square, pictures of the polder landscape are also applied to the building opposite Stadswinkel Prins Alexander. The artwork Space Time II van Joost Baljeu remains standing. The metamorphosis of the square is a temporary intervention that wants to show both the pride of the polder and the urgency of good water management.

The square turns blue and green for a period of two years. These colors are a reference to the peat polder from which the Alexander polder once arose and to the fact that the polder 6 meter is below NAP. It is a symbol for the pride in controlling the water supply in the polder, which means that residents keep their feet dry. And it refers to the abundance of water and greenery in Prince Alexander, making it a great place to live and relax. Pieter Vos from 75B: “Our design allows the visitor to be part of the artwork by applying an abstract translation of the polder and the water (green and blue) to the floor. On the glass façade on the square there will be a current photograph of the polder and the dike, a reference to the beautiful polder that is still very close, but invisible to city dwellers, travelers, shopkeepers and residents of the area."

The process is developed and supported by, from competition to execution BKOR, the Visual Arts and Public Space program of CBK Rotterdam.

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Publication date: 10 / 07 / 2018

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