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Siebe Thissen wins J. Dutilh prize

The book IMAGES. Urban embellishment in Rotterdam since 1940, written by Siebe Thissen (head BKOR of CBK Rotterdam) has won the 20e mr. J. Dutilh prize on 13 April. This prize is awarded every two years by the Historisch Genootschap Roterodamum to a writer of a historical book about Rotterdam. According to the jury, the book is 'innovative', a 'magnum opus' and 'a masterpiece'.

Chairman Nelleke Noordervliet read the jury report: 'The book stands out because of the very well written essays, which can also be read in parts, the many images and the beautiful design. The book is exhausting and shows good detective work. Sculptures focus the lens on the history of the city through sculptures. The book teaches us that we live in a city with an extremely special and unique collection of images, and takes a look at the delivery room in which they were created. Because every image has its own history, in which it shows the outcome not only of artistic motives, but equally of political and policy decisions. The artist must navigate between the various stakeholders who change per period. Because this book meets all criteria (readable, accessible to a wide audience and published in a wide distribution), the jury recommends awarding the Jacques Dutilh prize 2018 to the book by Siebe Thissen: Sculptures. Urban embellishment in Rotterdam since 1940'. Read the entire jury report here.

Author: Siebe Thissen | Publisher: Jap Sam Books | ISBN: 978-94-90322-62-5 | Size: 528 pages Images: 677 | Format: 22 x 28 cm | Dutch | Foreword: Sjarel Ex | Design: Minke Themans | Photo essay: Otto Snoek | Image research & image editing: Joop de Jong, Nienke Post

IMAGES is still available in the BKOR shop for € 37,50

Publication date: 23 / 04 / 2018

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