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Sanne Cobussen, 2018. R&D project: The personal legacy of The Mother of Modernism. (Photo: Ellen Koopmans)
Sanne Cobussen, 2018. R&D project: The personal legacy of The Mother of Modernism. (Photo: Ellen Koopmans)

R&D awarded in 1 round 2018

Be in the first round of the R&D scheme of 2018 Request 14 approved for a total amount of € 102.459. For this round, a total amount of € 38 was requested through 279.728,71 applications. Each approved application receives a contribution that enables the visual artist to further develop his professional practice.

The Development and Research Grants scheme is aimed at boosting research and deepening, so that existing artistic practices can develop optimally and increase their visibility in the city.

The deadline for the second round of 2018 is 25 May 23.00 hours. The dates for office hours are 8 and 9 May. You can register for the office hour HERE. (Please note: participation in office hours is not mandatory and does not affect the assessment of the application).

Read more about the R&D application procedure on rotterdamsekunstenaars.nl

The following artists received an R&D contribution in this round:

Roel Roscam Abbing
A research project into federative protocols, alternative media on the web and the role that art and design can play in this in collaboration with three software developers in order to gain a deeper understanding of further interdisciplinary artistic and visual work.

Sanne Cobussen
A work based on the personal legacy of landscape architect Mien Ruys (1904-1999), through conducting and recording conversations with four people who appear frequently in Mien Ruys' private photographs, while simultaneously examining the role of the artist as a moderator .

Anouk Griffin
An investigation and completion of the installation NATUR in collaboration with 3D video folder Bart van Dulmen and Opium, Radio 4. This for an exhibition in Museum Singer, Laren on the occasion of the 75e birthday of garden designer Piet Oudolf, inspired by his gardens on the High Line in New York.

Clara Jason Borg
An investigation into identity and nationality while passing, passing or passing borders, inspired by a lecture by Sandra Noeth. The results are compiled into a choreographed walk for the community of Blanca (Spain).

Toon Fibbe
An investigation into the use of high platform heels by stock market traders in Chicago and the use of sign language on the stock exchange floor, a transaction like a strange short dance that the artist wants to capture on film.

Michiel Huiben
A registration of the research into (and within) the oeuvre of Stuart Sherman with an emphasis on the process and the ways in which it can be shared with (potentially new) audiences. The personal relationship of the artist to Sherman's work is also reflected in this.

Carolin Lange
Wanting to develop new photography and research techniques by researching the notes of the English 19ecentury scientist John FW Herschel who were made during his research into and experiments with light-sensitive materials.

Dirk van Lieshout
At the request of the Mondriaan Fund, the ideas about strength, identity and authenticity and dreams, wishes and ambitions of the people of Moengo (Suriname) in the immediate vicinity of Tembe Art Studio are investigated by providing workshops. The collection of outcomes must result in a permanent work of art.

Babette Kleijn
A residency in Tissardmine, Morocco, where the artist wants to research the concept of space; by finding out the resonance of forms in a place where one can look infinitely far.

Maurice Meeuwisse
Broadening the horizon and theoretical knowledge through an investigation into how things pass or happen, during the postmaster of a.pass in Brussels.

Myrte van der Molen
An investigation into whether the artist can resume the behavior prior to her social skills course by developing a course in which socially desirable behavior is unlearned.

Wouter Sibum
A study in which landscapes are dissected, simulated or manipulated in order to gain insight into the structure of a landscape and also to get a grip on the process of designing and implementing views, resulting in a landscape as a work of art and spatial environment.

Ieke Trinks
A study of the last twenty years of performance art in the Netherlands at the request of Le Lieu, an art organization in Québec, Canada in the form of writing a research text that is published in a Le Lieu issue and collecting archive material that is exhibited during a conference in Québec.

Micha Zweifel
An investigation into the complex field of sculptural approaches to the contemporary state of the body based on the art-historical notion Einfühlung that can be applied to sculpture as a way of addressing, physically observing, touching and responding.

Publication date: 11 / 04 / 2018

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