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Photographer: © Jannes Linders / Sculpture International Rotterdam, January 2018
Photographer: © Jannes Linders / Sculpture International Rotterdam, January 2018

The Gabo restored

The Coolsingel will undergo a metamorphosis in the coming years to a design by West 8, the architectural office of Adriaan Geuze, but the first refurbishment on the Coolsingel is almost complete! 'De Gabo,' Het Ding ',' De tulp 'or the untitled work of Naum Gabo (1957) is once again in full glory.

The work is in front of the Rotterdam Bijenkorf (1955-1957) by architect Marcel Breur. The restoration is almost complete: the panels around the workshop have already been removed, and the scaffolding is gradually being demolished. Most striking is the color of the coating with which the ribs are coated, with a layer of zinc, brass and protective varnish on top. The illumination of the image has also been restored; soon light will shine from the base upwards into the tower and the black interior.

The Gabo and the city

For the Russian-American Naum Gabo himself (1890-1977) this sculpture was his most important and largest work of art. In the western world it is still one of the most important modern works of art in the public space. For Rotterdam, the arrival of 'the Gabo' together with Zadkine's meant The destroyed city in the '50 years the start of the International Sculpture Collection. This is now managed by Sculpture International Rotterdam, a program from CBK Rotterdam. Both images were commissioned by the Bijenkorf during the reconstruction period. With this, the Bijenkorf wanted to give the city and its residents new symbols to find the courage for the reconstruction of their city.

Photographer: © Jannes Linders / Sculpture International Rotterdam, January 2018

More information about the Gabo on www.sculptureinternationalrotterdam.nl

Publication date: 01 / 02 / 2018

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