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Z-FILES NEWSPAPER #3 now readable!

De Z-Filesnewspaper report about public art in Rotterdam. With the newspaper and the series of debates Z-Files, Art and the City bring BKOR and Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR) art closer to the residents of Rotterdam.

What happens in that public space? Which images are added, which images disappear or change places? And how do the images come about and what role does public art play in a city like Rotterdam? The 3e edition of the newspaper is about BKOR and SIR programming Rotterdam Celebrates the City!

The CBK Rotterdam programs BKOR and SIR work together intensively to strengthen and renew the Rotterdam public space. They regularly organize this Z-Files in which art, public space and the city are discussed through lectures, presentations and excursions. The aim of the program is to bring attention to the collection of artworks in the public space of Rotterdam. In addition, attention is paid to current developments in the field of visual arts in public spaces.

The first edition of the Z-Files newspaper appeared in September 2014. From the introduction of CBK Rotterdam director Ove Lucas:
“BKOR and SIR are doing everything they can to constantly reinvent Art and the City. The city moves, the art moves with it. These two programs from CBK Rotterdam, each with its own unique character, make it possible to enrich the city at a high level and to deepen the activities of art in the public space. With the dynamic Z (from Zadkine) in the logo, Z-files, Art and the City stands for a program of reflections on the activities of BKOR and SIR. This newspaper is an example of that. ”

De Z-Filesnewspaper can be picked up for free at TENT Rotterdam and available on the evenings of the Z-Files.

Read the 3e edition of the Z-Filesnewspaper now on the BKOR site.

Publication date: 01 / 04 / 2016

TENT is the platform for contemporary art in the context of Rotterdam with exhibitions, new productions, educational projects, performances and events with makers from the city and beyond.
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BKOR manages and renews the extensive city collection in collaboration with Rotterdam residents, companies and institutions. BKOR advises the municipality, citizens and artists on the realization, placement, relocation and remediation of public works of art.
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