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Rotterdam Jazz app is live!

The Jazz Route 'Rotterdam Jazz Artists Memorial - R'Jam' takes you along the Oude Binnenweg, where various 'jazzy' portraits can be seen on the outer walls of shops and cafés. Piece by piece / almost all made by famous Dutch cartoonists. But the Coolsingel Boulevard is also covered in detail. Catering entrepreneurs were given ample room here some ninety years ago to start chic theaters and dance palaces. The route guide is Hans Zirkzee, author of the book Jazz in Rotterdam. Download the app Rotterdam Routes and let Hans Zirkzee lead you along the famous jazz spots of then and now! If you already have the app you have to redo it to see the Jazz Route.

Since 2013, portraits of deceased jazz musicians have appeared regularly on and along Oude Binnenweg. Together they form a 'jazzy' route along the most Rotterdam street. Peter Pontiac's extensive portrait of trumpet player Louis de Vries was the seventh in the series and came after more works by well-known Rotterdam jazz musicians, including the work of Theo van den Boogaard (drummer Dick Rijnooy), Robert van der Kroft (saxophonist Piet le Blanc), Jan Kruis (pianist Rob Franken), Martin Valkhoff (multi-instrumentalist Jaap Valkhoff), Louise Lagerweij (drummer Tony Viola) and Wouter Tulp (violinist and orchestra leader David de Groot). These can all be found on this jazz and comic route.

Soon enamelled portraits will be delivered, including those by Lorenzo de Bruin on the wall of Café Sijf in the Jacobusstraat, he drew Mitsey Smeekens. There is also a portrait of saxophonist Piet Noordijk, drawn by Dick Matena. More portraits will follow, which will be announced on this website.

The Rotterdam Routes app was launched on 26 June, the Jazz in Rotterdam route was realized by Bureau Binnenstad in collaboration with Stichting R'Jam.

See here the photos of the enamel portraits that, in addition to the portrait of Peter Pontiac, are also on the Binnenweg at the moment.

artist: Louise Lagerweij, musician: TonyViola, photographer: Max Dereta

artist: Louise Lagerweij, drummer: Tony Viola, photographer: Max Dereta

Artist: Jan Kruis, musician: Rob Franken, photo: Max Dereta

artist: Jan Kruis, pianist: Rob Franken, photo: Max Dereta

artist: Martin Valkhoff, musician: JaapValkhoff, photo: Max Dereta

artist: Martin Valkhoff, musician: Jaap Valkhoff, photo: Max Dereta

artist: Theo van den Boogaard, musician: Dick Rijnooy, photo: Max Dereta

artist: Theo van den Boogaard, musician: Dick Rijnooy, photo: Max Dereta

artist: Wouter Tulp, musician: David de Groot, photo: Max Dereta

artist: Wouter Tulp, musician: David de Groot, photo: Max Dereta

Publication date: 03 / 07 / 2015

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