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George Rickey back

The artwork with the two rotating panels has been gone for a few years, it was removed in 2012. High-rise buildings caused more turbulence and because of the raised floor area around the work, the artwork no longer met the safety requirements: At the lowest point, the panels were only 2,11 meters away from the ground and posed a danger to longer passers-by. After lengthy research by the engineers of the municipality, the heirs Rickey and Sculpture International Rotterdam, the artwork was adjusted and this week it was placed back on an 55 cm high base. The foundation of the work was also renewed. In the meantime, the work again amply meets the applicable safety standards.

Two Turning Vertical Rectangles
The kinetic sculpture on the Binnenwegplein was placed on the square in 1971. Before that it stood as a test setup in the garden of the Boijmans van Beuningen museum. The panels were originally part of an ambitious design for a twenty-meter high cascade with eight identical moving flat elements along which water flowed down. This object was designed for the Hofpelin fountain. Although this major project was rejected by the then B&W college, the retailers' association wanted to place the model on Binnenwegplein - they donated the work to the city. The cascade thus remained unperformed, but the test object for Rotterdam could be retained. Two TurningVertical Rectangles was unveiled on 7 in May 1971 on Binennwegplein.

In 2014 the two panels were still shown as two separate parts in the exhibition The Part In The Story Where A Part Becomes A Part Of Something Else at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, as part of the 'up close' research project by Rotterdam artist duo Bik Van der Pol.

Two Turning Verticle Rectangles is part of the SIR collection.

Publication date: 16 / 04 / 2015

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