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Artist in Recidence in Basel
Artist in Recidence in Basel

Guest studio Bazel 2015

Until 28 February, Rotterdam artists can register for the guest studio in Basel.

In collaboration between the Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam, the Kaus Australis Rotterdam Foundation and the Christoph Merian Foundation / Mondelier (formerly IAAB -Internationales Austausch- and Atelierprogramm Region Basel-) the exchange of Basel / Rotterdam guest studios is also taking place in 2015. The residence period is half a year (1 July to 31 December 2015), a shorter or longer period is not possible. Workshop, accommodation, travel and transport costs are provided.

Atelier near the center of Basel, in this year opened new-build complex Atelier Mondial.
Work annex living space, on the first floor with entrance via spacious staircase; own kitchen / sanitary, separate bedroom, area approximately 85 m2. The studio complex comprises a total of 7 guest studios; Salon Mondial (135m2 project room) and Cuisine Mondial (common kitchen / project room 82m2). Also see www.ateliermondial.com.

The studio rental and the costs for basic energy are provided. In addition, an amount of approximately € 8000 is available for the artist for the entire period of 6 months for accommodation, travel and transport costs. Telephone and computer must be brought by yourself, WiFi available. Nb Switzerland is an expensive country, in particular public transport, but also the hospitality industry; the available budget is adequate but tight.

Only artists who are registered at the Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam are eligible. The guest artist signs a binding accommodation contract with Atelier Mondial in advance. Afterwards a written (N / E) and visual report of the experiences during the guest stay is requested to be used for any public publications.
Good command of at least the English, German or French language is highly recommended, the
The borders of Germany, France and Switzerland cross the city of Basel.

Selection procedure
Summary A4 documentation, preferably photos or prints / copies (also in the case of videos, etc.) - no originals -, CV + short motivation (N / E) and provided with clear name and address (also on
send the envelope!) / email data before Saturday 28 February 2015 to:

St. Kaus Australis
Melanchtonweg 137
3045 PN Rotterdam
quoting 'Basel 2015'

Only documentation with sufficient postage in an addressed return envelope
will be returned after the selection. The Kaus Australis Foundation can in no way support itself
hold responsible for damage or loss of documentation. Even if sent by registered mail, it is advisable to inform by e-mail or telephone whether your shipment has been received (010 2180732 Kaus Australis or 06 51342315 Dineke van Huizen).

Judging will take place mid-March 2015 by a commission to be assembled. The result will then be announced to all participating artists as soon as possible at the end of March.

Hidde van Schie about his residency in 2009:
“My experience with Basel is that there is a close-knit dynamic art scene from very internationally oriented artists who also understand and support the power and necessity of a qualitative local art activity. Although artists nowadays travel a lot and show their work internationally, they still need a permanent home base where they can produce their work. The interesting thing about Basel is that, although it is not a metropolis such as Berlin or New York, this says nothing about the quality of the offer, at most something about the quantity and that both are surprisingly high in Basel. The most important thing for me personally was that a city does not have to be large to excel in certain things, but that a cultural scene is mainly supported by local people who are passionately committed to this, and thinking of Rotterdam I found that recognizable on the one hand and at the same time something to keep in mind. "

Publication date: 01 / 02 / 2015

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