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R&D honored

In the third round of 2014 R&D grants, a total of 15 applications were approved. Each approved application receives a contribution that enables the visual artist to further develop his professional practice. The Development and Research Subsidies scheme (R&D subsidy) is aimed at boosting research and deepening, so that existing artistic practices can develop optimally and increase their visibility in the city.

The next deadline for the R&D grants is 11 November. On November 4 and 5, artists can talk to the Art Office during the special R&D office hours. Read more here.

For the third round there were a total of 28 applications that together represented an amount of € 208.249,10. Of those applications, 15 were honored, which together represented an amount of € 95.105,40. The following applications were accepted:

Anna Maria Luczak and Sabrina Chou
Grammar of Ornament, a research and collaborative project by Anna Maria Luczak and Sabrina Chou in which interventions in cultural institutes are realized during a residency in Jakobstad, Finland. More info about the artist More info about the artist

Marije de Wit
A working period of 8 months to experiment with new ways of photography and investigate possibilities to achieve work in circulation. See what meeting the audience can mean for my work. More info about the artist

Denise Collignon
Work on the 'La bataille de fleurs' project during the Van Gogh artist-in-residence. Inspired by Vincent van Gogh and in close collaboration with the flower parade Zundert, an ode is brought to the flower and the role and meaning of flowers and plants in our current society is investigated. More info about the artist

Ron Amir
An exchange and collaboration of Ron Amir with Steven Jouwersma and Maria Dourron. The result of this development will be realized as an exhibition in gallery 37PK in Haarlem. More info about the artist

Pam Emmerik
Graphic novel about museum Boijmans. The novel will have two main characters, an attendant of Afghan descent and the Museum's own collection. The novel will be available at the Museum Boijmans shop. More info about the artist

Wieki Somers
A (textile) investigation within the exhibition plan of 'Out of the Ordinary'. More info about the artist

Ine Lamers
A working period for extensive experimentation and research to develop a layered spatial installation that is an elaboration of a research project on closed cities in Russia. More info about the artist

Marijke Appelman
Wolke residency in Brussels; in a period of two months in collaboration with wolke, research into rhythms and patterns in the background / background, organize various public moments followed by a solo presentation. More info about the artist

Barbara Witteveen
The development of Barika, an environment built around large paper sculptures inspired by masks, animal and human figures. Ultimately also intended to be used in a performance. More info about the artist

Marleine van der Werf
Research into the holographic film installation 'Portals' with the aim of exposing the essence of a historical place and translating it into the most physically possible experience. More info about the artist

Hidde van Schie
Research in the field of lighting techniques as a basis for sculptures in public spaces, the expansion of technical knowledge and the substantive deepening of the artistic quality of light sculptures in public spaces. More info about the artist

Philip Ewe
Performance-oriented research during a residency at 'Confuse the Cat' / Banff Center in Canada, with the provisional title: No Heroes Here; Hollywood Can Come to Me. More info about the artist

Kevin gallagher
'Managing Stickines' visual research into 2 bio-mimetic industries; TU Delft and KLOK, the result will be shown via video and exhibition More info about the artist

Han Hoogerbrugge
'The march of foolishness' research into what the contemporary symbols can be that represent the 7 deadly sins. The result is processed in an 3D zooprope. More info about the artist

The Development and Research Grant Regulations for individual Rotterdam artists are explicitly aimed at boosting research and deepening, so that existing and starting artists' practices can develop further. There are 4 application rounds per year.

Publication date: 18 / 10 / 2014

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