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Weather vane park

In 2007, visual artist Annelies Dijkman was commissioned to create a work of art in public space for the Community School in Nesselande. The assignment was supervised by the Rotterdam Center for Visual Arts. The Windwijzerpark was delivered in the summer of 2013.

The artist's idea was to (symbolically) connect both branches of the Community School with a work of art. Because the Nesselande polder that has been converted into a residential area is very windy, Dijkman took the wind as the starting point for the artwork. She soon came out with the weather vane. Eventually the idea for Windwijzerpark was born: 7 golden weather vanes in a rough grassland.

The location of the artwork is a skate-shaped park surrounded by high, black fences of the hockey fields, the three-storey school building, the childcare and on the other side the above-ground metro, with a number of high-voltage pylons behind it. A vast environment of a scale that looks almost industrial, but also anonymous. With this design the artist wanted to give the school an 'address', a work of art that adds intimacy to the large scale and makes the place recognizable. Dijkman: “You feel the wind, look up and then you see the cockerel turn off the tower. Old-fashioned, classic, the weather vane. ”


The seven weather vanes are placed in the park. Tall, white masts where golden bird silhouettes indicate the wind direction. They are abstractions of migratory birds that occur around Nesselande: the barn swallow, the rough-legged buzzard, the wild swan, the nightingale, the spoonbill, the variegated sandpiper and the spectacle diver. The masts stand between tall ornamental grasses that are also planted in the Rietveld Park below the metro line. There are two paths between the masts that indicate the four wind directions. The tiles are engraved with names of the wind as it is called in other countries, such as chocolatero, tramontana or mistral. Because the wind blows everywhere.

Nesselande Community School
Robert van 't Hoffstraat 10,
3059 PN Rotterdam

Publication date: 01 / 04 / 2014

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