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Metamorphosis at the Blaak

"The image does not change shape, but it becomes a completely different image"

The River by Lon Pennock undergoes a metamorphosis.

The sculpture by The River by Lon Pennock undergoes a metamorphosis. The environment of the image, which has been on the Blaak since 1984, has changed considerably in recent years: an adjustment of the image is the best fitting answer to that; an answer from the maker himself. The sculpture The River van Lon Pennock has been on the Blaak since 1984, close to the new MVRDV market hall. The sculpture is located in the middle of the Blaak between the rushing traffic on two sides. Because the market hall must be easily accessible - for example for trucks that supply the market hall - the traffic situation around the sculpture changes.

These changed circumstances led Lon Pennock to make the image undergo a metamorphosis. The image was made exactly for the location where it is now located and the 22 meter-high uprights are almost as deeply anchored in the ground; there can therefore be no question of relocation. Pennock thinks that an artist does not have to claim inviolability for his art and thought about a possible metamorphosis of the sculpture.

Just as Len Pennock pondered for a long time in 1983 on the good form for his commission for the sculpture at the Blaak, so this time he was - at the request of the Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam - a solution for the changed context of the sculpture.

Pennock (in Kaat no 8, December 2011): “If you get a lot of stopping traffic there, that image will actually become much more active instead of good from a distance. That is then no longer an image that everything is missing, but rather a pivot around which everything revolves. One way, the other way. Then the work must also have a much more active appearance. "

Pennock chose to give the image a different color. After various considerations, he decided that it had to be a kind of gold. Maintaining the current black color would make the sculpture 'invisibility'. Pennock: "The image does not change shape, but it becomes a completely different image."

The metamorphosis in the picture (vimeo)

Interview with Lon Pennock (vimeo)

Publication date: 01 / 04 / 2014

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