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Pilots Investment contribution

In the run-up to the new Investment contribution scheme, the CBK Rotterdam awarded the contribution to four Rotterdam artists in the past year as a pilot: Martine Herman, Anne Mercedes Langhorst, Petra van Noort and Marleen van Wijngaarden.

Martine Herman made a design sketch together with landscape architect Edwin van der Hoeven to improve the outdoor space around the entrance of OBS De Vierambacht Rotterdam, location De Jagerstraat. The aim of the design was to tackle three bottlenecks: insecurity due to children crossing over between parked cars (lack of overview), too few and too messy bicycle sheds and finally the stony environment with little variation around the entrance of the school

Petra van Noort made mural painting De Beukelaar. In 2012, housing corporation Laurens was looking for a work of art for the reception area of ​​the new Beukelaar residential care complex in Hillesluis. A number of visual artists were invited to make a design from which the 'Temples' design by Petra van Noort was selected. It was decided to represent the different religions of the resident groups. Van Noort made a composition of various places of worship from the countries of origin of the residents.

Anne Mercedes Langhorst made 'The Teapot' (photo at the top of the page). Alliante Kruiskade and Stichting Humanitas commissioned Langhorst to make a design for the facade of the retirement home De Leeuwenhoek on the corner of Josephstraat and West-Kruiskade. The representation of accessibility and connectedness between the different cultures were elements that were considered important in this multicultural part of the city. The artist opted for a representation of a Delft blue teapot: tea is drunk in almost all cultures, the teapot symbolizes solidarity. The work is highlighted in the evenings.

Marleen van Wijngaarden made a wall installation in the office building of Consort Architects: housed in an office building on the Prins Hendrikkade and an active stimulator of visual art. Exhibitions are organized with a certain regularity and are freely accessible to the public. Marleen van Wijngaarden was asked to make a design for a wall painting in the office space based on architectural measurement systems.

Click here for more information about the Investment contribution scheme

Publication date: 22 / 01 / 2014

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