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Image moves to Hoek van Holland

The municipality of Rotterdam has approximately 800 artworks in public spaces. Many works of art were realized between 1960 and 1985 for the construction of new municipal buildings within the framework of the percentage scheme. The relevant municipal service became responsible for the maintenance of the work. However, due to demolition, relocation, merger or privatization, many images have disappeared or become orphans: schools are being demolished, municipal hospitals are becoming autonomous, municipal corporations and energy companies are becoming private companies, often at new locations.

Collect / Reorder / Re-evaluate
The Center for Visual Arts (CBK) endeavors to give a number of special images a new home and is looking for new owners who want to take care of one or more works of art. It is important that the images remain publicly accessible.

Hoek van Holland
In Hoek van Holland people were looking for a number of striking images in the public space. In this way the image 'Mother and Child' has recently been moved from Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland where it was festively unveiled on August 4, 2004 by four generations of mothers and children. The statue with the title 'Mother and Child' is now on the corner of Prins Hendrikstraat and Harwichweg. The artwork was previously at a former primary school in Hoogvliet. In time, more images will be added to Hoek van Holland. The borough of Hoek van Holland and the 'Get Hekent' foundation are looking for sponsors to pay for the maintenance of the images to be adopted.


Title: Mother and Child
Artist: presumably Hank Hans (Rotterdam)
Year: 1965
Oude Location: Primary school Oudeland, Traviataweg 53
New location: corner of Prins Hendrikstraat and Harwichweg, Hoek van Holland

Publication date: 18 / 08 / 2013

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