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The result of Het Spreekuur - Motel Mozaique 2013

Read here a short description of Het Spreekuur: a busy discussion about the future of the cultural sector that took place during Motel Mozaique 2013.

One of the program components of the 2013 edition was formed by The consultation hour that took place both on Friday and Saturday in the Stageability artwork in the hall of the Schouwburg.

Visitors to the festival were given the opportunity to talk to 'experts' from the cultural sector of the city of Rotterdam. In relation to other cities, the cultural sector in this city has been particularly hard hit by the cutbacks of the Rutte 1 tolerance cabinet. Reason enough to not only celebrate parties during the thirteenth edition of Motel Mozaique, but also to exchange ideas about the future of the cultural sector and therefore also about the future of the festival. In his publication 'The New Democracy', the sociologist Willem Schinkel states that he experiences little critical reflection on our time. Perhaps he is right because the festival audience has hardly responded to the call to talk to the experts. That offered ample room for CBK's visual art programmer Anton Hoeksema and Robin Duinker and Soraya Putman of HENK Cultureel Projectbureau to have intensive conversations with the experts on both days.

Warmed by the spotlights of the Schouwburg, the experts talked passionately about the city and art and culture. Topics that came up in almost all conversations were: the importance of art and cultural programming, spending cuts, cultural diversity, education, the city of Rotterdam and Motel Mozaique. On the basis of various quotes from the experts, the topics that have been discussed are highlighted below.

Publication date: 06 / 06 / 2013

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